Hero Actuales

Below are shown the players with more points PvP (Player vs Player).
This ranking was updated in 03/12/2021 at 04:26.

Class Name Clan Ally
Dreadnought BorisBrejcha SectorClear -
Hell Knight ClintEastWood SectorClear -
Sagittarius BITCOIN DiosesDel0limpo Avengers
Archmage Fail SectorClear -
Arcana Lord DontLook SectorClear -
Cardinal Drogas Finisterra -
Hierophant uwu SectorClear -
Eva Templar Kanishka SectorClear -
Sword Muse Screen WallStreet -
Moonlight Sentinel Agustina SectorClear -
Mystic Muse StressOut SectorClear -
Elemental Master AgZ SectorClear -
Eva Saint CarlitoM Finisterra -
Shillien Templar Hynoki SectorClear -
Spectral Dancer Cuaji DarkNess -
Ghost Sentinel Sleepless c Ownage
Grand Khauatari BesoNegro Histeria -
Fortune Seeker momo SectorClear -